About the Artist

Sydney-based illustrator and cartoonist recently graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts at University of Sydney’s College of the Arts (majoring in Printmedia). Growing up along the coasts of NSW, Emily Woods has always had a passion for drawing and storytelling. This vivid imagination aided her throughout adolescence as she developed her illustrating skills and experimented with animated storytelling. Her childhood developed through consistent animated Disney movie marathons and receiving participant ribbons from primary school athletic carnivals. Clearly not destined for sports, Woods explored the visual arts from  small age and developed a distinct style that reflects her own personality: scattered but funny to look at.

SCG profile picture

“I haven’t exactly had a thrill-induced life and I’m happy for that. My friends in school used to tell stories of raunchy encounters with boys that had everyone in awe and I would be like ‘Well the Bakers Delight guy gave me a discount on a 4-pack of scones because I didn’t have the extra 50 cents so that was pretty neat'”

Her more recent works focus on perzines (zine comics based on personal experiences) and comics detailing everyday occurrences through exaggerated comical gestures. Woods’ initiative is creating a collective response from an audience’s own personal experiences where people are able to relate and get a better experience with the work. She is also an avid fan of using popular culture film references in her work because “who can’t relate to the Harry Potter universe?”

“I have always better at expressing thoughts through drawing to people. I muddle words constantly and I hate essays but with drawing: its pictures that everyone can understand. My imagination was too exreme as a child and I created characters that reflected aspects of my own personality as a coping mechanism. If they could overcome adversity, surely I could too” – Me (I’m sure I’ve said it somewhere. Sounds like something I’d say)

Woods uses both traditional and digital drawing mediums and often uses herself as subject matter in comics as a way to connect with people. Skills include character design, storyboarding, illustration, hand lettering and many others. She is also an avid fan of drawing fanart of her favourite movies, shows and comics, and when she is recognized for these she has to take  nap in case of overheating her brain.

Her favourite films include Back to the Future, The Castle and The Nightmare Before Christmas. She has a members loyalty card at secondhand book stores  and her dreams feature Stanley Tucci frequently and she cannot explain why (if you have some knowledge on dream interpretation, please message as it is a bit of a concern).



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